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we all take a little of each other everywhere!



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Clairemont High School 4150 Ute Drive San Diego, CA 92117 (858) 273-0201



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Dhyanne Swanson '74 - James "Buddy" Zike '74


Brothers & Sisters

Cheryl Wallace '73 - David Wallace '74

Art Weatherford '73 - Gary Weatherford '74

Melissa Johnson '74 - Marcia Johnson '73

Cousins Leslie Stark '74 - Micheal Stark '74

Linda Horgos '74 - Diana Horgos '73

Kathleen Curley '74 - Kevin Curley '73

Rick Brady '74 - Bob Brady '73

Rosemary Burns '74 - Rick Burns '73

Monte Adcock '74 - Jeff Adcock '73

Robert Kreutzer '74 - Steve Kreutzer '73

Tom Jones '74 - Mark Jones '73

Diane Camarda  '74 Rosalie Camarda '73

Twins Stephanie and Steve William '74 - Pearcy William '73

David Anderson '74 Mark Anderson  '73

Andy Medeiros '74 - Kathy Medeiros '73

Pat Roach '74 - Mike Roach (73)

Margaret Weigand '74 - Robert Weigand '73

Randy Gaunt '74 - Dayton Gaunt '73

Juanita Hastings '74 - Dennis Hastings '73

Sara Steglic '74 - Glenda Steglic '73

Gary Stogsdill '74 - Sherro Stogsdill '73

Michael Boudreau '74 Linda Boudreau '73

Twins Sharon & Karen Emert '74

Gloria Gottschelk '74 - Marc Gottschalk '73

Sherryl & Valerie Rawlins '74

Twins Carmen & Magdalena Gonzales '73

Twins Joe & John Connelly '74

Gregory Stringfellow '74 - Virginia Stringfellow '73 verify



Diane Camarda and Norman Hodgdon married in 1977.

Longest marriage for class '74

2 children and they have 1 grandchild


Susan Warlick '74 married David Hannasch '73


Barbara Jones '74 married Robert McClanahan '73


Bettina Rosario '78 married David Mitteer '73


Karina Olmstead '73 married Mark Lawrence '72

and is adopting baby #11


Jayme Dickerson '73 married Ward Bouman '73

Jim Pollard's son married Jayme Dickerson's daughter Kristi


Married 33 years Steven Davis '74 & Karen Keivens '74!


Michelle Perlowski married Scott Wall '73 from Madison High

were married 4/5/1975


Kris Houghton married Bruce Jenner and has her own

Reality TV Show. The Kardashians, her daughter was

just in Dancing with the Stars. Kim Kardashian.


Also married 33 years for Amedo Lauria and his wife Susan!!

3 children, 2 out of college and last attending now

30 years Army retired from Chief of Staff in the Pentagon

The shortest marriage was 4 months - June 6 to Sept 10 1976 held by Barbara!!

Most children single marriage - 8 being 6 girls and 2 boys... by Karin Cornish!

Most children any which way - 10 being 8 girls and 2 boys... by Karina Olmstead!


Siblings Graduated from CHS

Jim Weatherford '70


Nancy Weatherford '72


Art Weatherford '73


Gary Weatherford '74


Judy Weatherford '78


4 of 7 Curley kids graduated from CHS


Kevin '73  Kathleen '74  Maureen '75  Patricia '77


The last of the Kim Lewis (Schafer) clan finished CHS

9 Schafers 1st in '68 and last in 2007


Most family members all Class of '73 - JoAnn and Kim Jefferis are sisters and Nancy Jefferis is their cousin...

Kelly Ward infamous for his work in Grease, he is now an accredited Writer,

 Director, Producer in the TV and Film industry.


Stephen Pearcy lead singer and founder of the rock band RATT. Multi-platnum success #1 hit Round and Round

started the band Mickey Ratt in the late 70's


Four Ziesler siblings graduated from CHS now ages 48, 51, 56 and 59

Kim Lewis (Schafer) - six Schafer siblings graduated from CHS now ages 35, 45, 48, 50, 53, 54


Gary Kelley  got his first job, as a freshman at Clairemont High School, at KSEA, which eventually turned into KSON. During the next 29 years Gary played rock and roll at KPRI, B100, the Top 40 at KCBQ, and classic rock at The Eagle. He is now the Weatherman at channel 10




Friday "Pants Days" at Marston


Hot pants in the 70's


Checking out to 'study' at the park Independent Study


Does anyone remember when Manson Williams played at CHS?


Gas Wars!!


Oscars at the Square, Chili's is there now


Guys only had to register for the draft at 18


You had to manually defrost the freezer


Riding dirt bikes around the canyon that is

now the UTC Shopping Mall


Being able to smoke inside movie theatres


Rocky Horror Picture show and sitting cross legged

on the floor in the old Roxy Theatre in PB


Freeway 805 built and riding your bike on it.


Cavalla ice cream shop at The Square

Being able to ride a  bike to de Anza cove  

Mid-night bike rides to the boardwalk in PB


Young band Fleetwood Mac opened for Santana


Who had the pet names Romeo & Juliet at CHS??


Parent's didn't have to check your candy at Halloween


Walker Scott at the square


Speedy Mart down from Marston


When it snowed at Marston


Richard Faber moved away in his senior year and moved back in 2006


There are 9 classmates who married other classmates

There are 2 classmates who married '72 classmates

There is 1 classmate who married a '71 classmate

The longest marriage reported is 28 years held by Mark Gipe!!

Janet Kelsay adopted two infants; went to Peru for a boy and to Vietnam for a girl

23% of the class has a college degree

4.3% make over $200,000

60.9% of the class is married

We are spread out over 51 states 40% in California

Roberta Scholl has been the phone referral at CHS for 30 years!!!

The majority of our classmates have indicated they have children between ages 24 and 29

Karin Dayton eventually married her prom date!!! Started dating Oct. 25, 1971

We have 6 attorneys and 3 doctors from the Class of '73

Cornish's husband is a published author. His book titled "Sing and Change the World" is on Amazon.com

John Daubenschmidt is finishing 30 years in the Navy defending our country!!!

Janice Woodard had her third child two years ago at the age of (gulp) 45!!

Amedeo Lauria a retired officer after 30 years in the Army defending our country!!!

Tom Miller retired Air Force after 20 years .... did Vietnam & Desert Storm!!!

Richard Faber is a direct descendent of 10 Revolutionary War Patriots and has published 7 books about his family and is working on 4 more

Luis Urrea is a published author with 7 books listed on Amazon.com

As of 2008, Clairemont High School is 51 years old.

Robert Wiegand triathlon winner - 1 mile run, 9 mile bike, 3 mile run in 52:46

John Haskell's book "I am not Jackson Pollack" is on Amazon.com

Four Stogsdill siblings graduated CHS now 48, 49, 50 & 51

Calvin Clubb served 4 years USAF!!



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