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Clairemont High School 4150 Ute Drive San Diego, CA 92117 (858) 273-0201



Remember When ....


Remember the Modoc Street Massacre.


The Normal Heights Lounge Lizards playing in the lunch area.


Mr. Donald playing Cheech & Chong (self titled 1971) instead of lecturing


Michael "Moose" Layton on '50s day


Digging the hole that would become the outdoor Biology lab.


Jerry Adcock letting us choose our own grade for American Government class



Remember when Bay Park was considered the "slums" of Clairemont


Bradshaw’s, Lefty’s Pizza and Pip’s became Jack in the Box in UC

It took five minutes for the TV to warm up

TV only had 3 channels...ABC, CBS and NBC

No TV remotes... You had to get up

Your Mom wore nylons that came in two pieces

You got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gas pumped, without asking, all for free, every time

Stuff from the store came without safety caps and hermetic seals

Being out from school sick and watching 'I Love Lucy' & 'Dick Van Dyke'

Soda machines that dispensed glass bottles

Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers

Metal ice cube trays with levers

Roller-skate keys & skates with metal wheels

8 track tapes

15 cent McDonald hamburgers

Jiffy Pop popcorn

Gemco & Fed Mart

Bell Bottom Corduroys

Greg Brady stripped shirts

We listened to music on vinyl

Clairemont theater - one movie, one screen

We called it going to 'The Show' on Friday nights

'The Field' behind the Clairemont Theater

Speedy-Mart by Clairemont High

The Clairemont Square

The Quad

Shag carpet that mom raked (dear God)

Gasoline lines with odd/even days

Hitchhiking (Don't deny it!)

Fiesta Island parties & OTL Tournaments

Black's Beach

Hanging out at the store 'The Trip'

Sports Arena rock concerts... Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Kiss..

Getting paid $.25 to $.50 to baby sit

Girls could only wear dresses to Marston

Most of us that had part time jobs were paid the minimum wage of $1.25 hr

You could buy a nice car for $500 and pay cash

Having to run one mile every Friday in gym class

A gallon of gas was 40 cents

Every student had drivers training in gym class and it was free

The cost of car insurance actually decreased when it was renewed

You and your date could go to dinner and a movie for under $10 dollars

Friday night football games

All houses had rooftop TV antenna's

Phones were rotary dial and it was provided by the phone company

The average cost of a house in Clairemont was $25,000

A new car was $3,500

Thongs you wore on your feet... not under your clothes

Mark Gipe playing flute in the boy's room by the lunch court

The voting age dropped from 21 to 18 in '72 so we missed voting for president by 1 year

The girls cruising PB at midnight in Bobbie's Impala....looking for boys/parties

Going to the Warlock Shop and the Plebian in PB

Smoking tobacco and other things openly in the lunch court

Partying before AND after school on Modoc St. in front of CHS

Pull tab cans where the tab came off

Telephones had busy signals (no call waiting)

Boys had to tuck their shirts in at Marston

The first issue of the San Diego Reader Oct. 1972

Partying at what is known as Marian Bear Park

Riding in the back of a pickup truck

Driving to Julian to party and throw cow patties

Concert tickets were affordable!

Shopping at 'The Black' in OB

The Clairemont Bowl

Riding that yellow bus to Marston

There were no PCs, emails or dot coms!

Keggers in old Scripps Ranch before homes came

10 bucks for a 4 finger lid

Cigarettes at 60 cents/pack

Tu-Vu driven Kearny Mesa $3 per car

The A&W drive thru on Convoy

The 99 cent Taquito plate at Tugs Tavern in PB

Manual typewriters

Aqua-Net hair spray

Mom dressing up to go shopping

Stores & gas stations closed for Thanksgiving & Xmas

Xmas sales & music didn't start till after Thanksgiving

S&H Blue chips stamps

Baskin Robbins at the Quad on a hot summer day

De Falco's Grocery Store

Checking TV tubes at the five and dime

Have more???



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